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Meet the Team - Autumn 2012

Our team of return callers will be contacting Non Resident Members of the College to update them on all sorts of College news and solicit funds towards Student Support at King's. Here is some information about each of the team - especially useful if you've already had a call and would like to put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone!

Our student callers...

JT Baird, 3rd year Astrophysicist
My name is JT Baird and I’m a current student going into third year Astrophysics here at King’s. One of the great things about the college, and one of the things we pride ourselves on throughout the university, is the access. King’s is famed for its diverse, accepting student body and for this reason I have agreed to take part as a return caller in the autumn telephone campaign. Now more than ever the need for financial support is paramount in maintaining our famed diversity. I can’t wait to be a part of that quote on the prospectus that says- it doesn’t matter where you’re from, just be an independent thinker.

Bryony Bates, 3rd Year English Student
My name is Bryony Bates and I'm a third-year English student. As I enter my final year, I'm very grateful for everything King's has given me. Taking part in the Telephone Fundraising Campaign means that I can help to make sure that future generations of students can enjoy the same benefits. I have had so much support from the college, not least in helping to set up the King's College Drama Society last year, and it's always great to hear what alumni think of King's.

Joey Frances, 3rd Year English Student
My name's Joey Frances and I'm a third year English student. I'm involved in the relatively new King's College Drama Society, which I helped to set up last year. Also, this summer the college generously financially supported myself and a fellow student travelling to Livingstone, Zambia to help teach literacy in local schools. I am looking forward to the Telephone Campaign because it will give me a chance to experience King's and Cambridge in a different kind of working environment to the stress of term time, to talk to a wide variety of interesting alumni, and hopefully persuade them to help make King's an even better living and studying environment.

Orlando Lazar-Gillard, 3rd year Philosopher
Hi. My name’s Orlando, and I’m entering my third year of studying philosophy. I specialise in political philosophy, an area I hope to carry onwards to an MPhil here at King’s next year. I receive a full bursary from the College, so helping raise some of that money for other students in my positions is something I look forward to doing on the campaign. Having worked on the last telephone campaign I also know just how interesting it is to hear about peoples’ experiences of King’s, and about the many and varied paths they have taken since graduation.

Alexander Povey, 3rd year Mathematician
My name is Alexander Povey, originally from Washington near Newcastle, and I'm about to start Part II of the Mathematical Tripos. When not hurling symbols around a whiteboard, I play badminton for King's, amongst other racquet sports. I'm looking forward to returning to a role in the campaign after participating in 2011, which provided a fortnight of interesting stories and insightful conversation to the history of the college.

Sarah Robertson, 3rd year Psychologist
Hi I'm Sarah, a mancunian with a lot of love for language and psychology. I did two years of Linguistic study and I am about to begin my final year of Psychology. When I'm not thinking about brains or words I like to play football for College and dance for the university. I'm also the College's Access Officer and I am committed to supporting students and keeping King's a diverse and exciting place: that's why I'm doing this campaign! I'm also looking forward to entertaining and unexpected conversations.

Robyn Taylor, 3rd year Historian
Hi, I'm Robyn Taylor, I am originally from Yorkshire, and I'm a third year historian at King's. I am the current Ethnic Minorities Officer on the KCSU executive, and my role includes promoting cultural diversity and equality within King's. Since being at King's I have researched the nature South African interracial relationship's during apartheid and have pursued my interest in African history. I've made great friend's here at King's and spend my spare time hanging out with friends, doing yoga and playing on what is ultimately a pretty average mixed netball team.

From the King's College Development Office...

Tessa Frost, Development Officer (Annual Fund)
As Annual Fund Officer at King's I am responsible for co-ordinating each of our Telephone Fundraising Campaigns, from recruitment and planning to working with our Fellows - and sending out thousands upon thousands of letters! The Telephone Campaigns may be the most stressful aspect of my role, but they are also quite certainly one of the most enjoyable - it is hard to put in to words how wonderful it is to see a team of enthusiastic students become so dedicated to raising money for future generations of King's Members.