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Telephone Fundraising Campaign

2012 Telephone Campaign: Part 2!

Following on from our most successful campaign ever in 2011, our 2012 Telephone Fundraising Campaign got away to a great start back at Easter, when a team of 17 callers spoke to over 750 Non Resident Members and raised over £260,000.

We were so keen to increase provision for students in the form of Studentships and Bursaries, Supervisions and the Supplementary Exhibition Fund, that we decided to run an additional, shorter Campaign. We dragged 7 of our previous callers away from their Long Vac to run the Campaign, and raised almost £60,000 in cash and pledges towards student support - bringing the total pledged to the 2012 Annual Fund to more than £320,000!

Please click here to meet the Calling Team, or click here to download a booklet detailing each of the funds above and more information on our results to date.

If you would like to make a gift to support the Annual Fund, please download, complete and return the relevant form below or call the Development Office on +44(0)1223 331 247.

Returning caller JT Baird (Part II Astrophysics) tells us about his experience on the Campaign…

Being on the King’s Telephone Campaign is like Olympic fundraising with a networking side effect. Having experienced one call room and about to start training for a second, I can safely say I have never spoken to so many people about so many different things in my life. From badminton courts to the Moses Effect, from Argentine Tango to taking up Turkish, King’s Members have sampled every kind of life. I just never found someone who had nothing to say.

Aside from the perk of talking to the most friendly people with the strangest stories (Education Liberator turned Buddhist monk turned Consultant being one of my favourites), the motivation behind doing this was and always will be the attitudes of the Members to the Campaign. Everyone who has ever worked in a call room will attest to the sheer panic you get when you dial that first number. Palms sweating and voice cracking, you introduce yourself to the person on the other end of the line and pray to everything holy they don’t slam the phone down! But once you start talking, conversation flows. Then it’s the subject of the College’s fundraising priorities and student support. The reactions are mixed but the general consensus is that help is needed. So many people I have talked to completely understand and genuinely want to help.

At this point you can’t help but feel inspired by the generosity of so many people. Without these acts of kindness we wouldn’t be the College we are today and it makes you feel privileged to be a part of the history that all these people have in common. After the completion of the call and realising with a jolt that feels like ice down your back that you forgot to ask about Gift Aid, you put the phone on the hook and take a deep breath – and then make the next call…